Beginning Monday, June 22nd, we offer wonderful enrichment classes for all kids that come to our summer program!
Dance Class
Have your child join this fun-packed tap dance class and learn tap steps and routines in a noncompetitive atmosphere! The instructor will cover tap vocabulary and steps, dance routines and combinations, as well as warm up and stretching exercises. Bring tap shoes or leather soled shoes.
Art Class
We will work on various watercolor techniques, styles and creativity, as well as watercolor skills such as mixing colors and important composition elements. The program also stresses the concepts of fine art and provides children with the tools to help them succeed in various art projects. All materials are provided by the instructor.
Knitting Class
Children will learn how to knit useful, fun projects! The class will be using different sized needles and yarn for different effects. Students first learn basic knitting. The class will begin with a simple project, then students will advance at their own pace to more exciting and challenging projects throughout the course. The class is designed for beginners. Bring your needles and yarn.
Spanish Class
This program is great for both students with or without some prior Spanish exposure. The program hosts an interactive learning environment that teaches young children to speak Spanish through play time activities, such as singing, drama, stories and games. This new, non-conventional method of teaching is both enjoyable and effective. All materials are provided by the instructor.
French Class
This dynamic and entertaining class is designed for all levels. Lessons will be structured around learning and practicing French through songs, games, and activities. There will be lots of repetition for children who have never learned French, and the immersion-style French program will create many opportunities for children who know some French to practice speaking. All materials are provided by the instructor.
Chess Class
Beginning July, students wishing to build an opening repertoire and develop endgame skills are welcome to join and play with other players. Thinking skills, visualization approaches, and the unification of strategy with tactics will be the focus of this study. Chess boards are provided by the instructor.
Also find more info about our summer program here: DETAILS
Eleonora Nayberg Principal


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