Winter Show 2009


Our Winter Show on December 18th was a huge success! Kids had fun and very much excitement. I am sure children loved Ded Moroz ( Russian Santa Clause) and his presents!
These great comments we received from parents and relatives:

"We loved the show!!!  I think it was the best one so far.  The two things I loved the most are the costumes and dance performances.  I am very impressed that in such short time, kids were able to learn so many dance routines (especially tap dance) and were able to perform so great together.  I think you should continue to conduct children's performances.  This way kids learn poetry and songs and they are able to show their talents and art pieces.  Your school reminds me of my childhood and I loved these "utrenniki"! It is the memory that will be with us and our kids forever.  Please continue doing a great job."
Svetlana and Gene S

"Dear Eleonora, 
I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest Thanks to you all.
You threw a great concert on December 18, and it's still the talk in our circle.  The activities you planned for  kids were great. 
 The concert was definitely the highlight of December, and we look forward to more of your concerts in the future.   People talk about how concerts get boring, but your concert is a testament to the true meaning of a Christmas Celebration.
Thanks for the great concert!"

Lyudmila, Michelle and Elina K

"I'm at a loss for words to describe what a wonderfully creative staff, teachers, and supportive parents there are at Max's school. The children are receiving a fantastic education, and are developing such creative skills in the arts. The learning opportunity they are experiencing now will be of much benefit to them when they grow up. The whole presentation of the new years show was the obvious result of a lot of hard work by everybody involved in making it happen."
Thank you for all of the nice pictures,
Charles H
Prepare for an afternoon of enchantment!

We would love to have you join your child for winter fun on Friday, December 18th at 2pm!

Winter songs, poetry, dance, special guests – your child is going to amaze you with plenty of talents unwrapped at this party!
All your family members and friends are invited! Bring as many of them as you wish, as we will have our event in the huge room upstairs. 

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