THE MISSION of Russian-American International School is to provide an academic, cultural and social foundation in a bilingual environment through language immersion. Our goal is to prepare students to be confident, goal-oriented lifelong learners in order to succeed in today’s multi-national society.


Language immersion is a way of teaching language by completely immersing the learner in that language for significant periods of time. The learner will hear only the target language for both regular conversation (i.e. talk about getting dressed and eating meals), as well as subject matter learning (i.e. math and science). Research shows that with language immersion, young children learn their second language the same way they learned their first - by listening, absorbing, imitating, and then trying it out.


Recent studies of children who grow up in bilingual settings reveal advantages over single language children, including both increased attentive focus and cognition.Compared to monolinguals, bilingual children, who had had five to ten years of bilingual exposure, averaged higher scores in performance on tests and had greater attention focus, distraction resistance,decision-making, judgment and responsiveness to feedback


Russian-American International School prepares students through a bilingual integrated curriculum with a strong emphasis in Math and Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). Russian and English speaking teachers cooperatively teach each grade level to meet school and state guidelines. Art, music and physical activities are systematically integrated into learning activities.

Students spend half of their day learning in Russian and half of their day in English. Skills in both languages are taught and reinforced as part of instructional units.




I am writing to let you know how very much we have appreciated the care and attention that you and your staff have shown to my twin sons. They have attended the Russian-American International School from Kindergarten through 2nd grade. They have also attended the after-school programs, including chess, dance, French, art, and folk crafts, as well as your summer program.  
Throughout their and our entire experience we have been nothing but impressed and pleased with the results of their education. My sons not only speak, read, and write beautifully in both Russian and English but they also show a love of learning and a love and respect for their teachers and their classmates.  
I believe that both their teachers and the administration of the school foster a wonderful environment for learning academic as well as social and community skills. In particular I am very pleased with their math and reading skills in both languages.

Our family is moving to the East Coast this summer. If it were not for this relocation, then I would certainly have my sons continue their education at the Russian-American International School.

 Victoria Somoff, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Russian Language and Literature
Dartmouth College



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City/Town Distance in Miles Driving time in minutes
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Russian American School is now San Francisco Pacific Academy