We know why families choose independent schools. They value the environment where students are known and loved, and they believe that independent schools' intimacy, manageable size, and universally high expectations for behavior and achievement produce graduates who succeed in college and life.

While it's true that private schools are chosen more often by families from higher income brackets, it's also true that a significant proportion of independent schools' population is comprised of the students who often receive financial aid and the middle to upper middle class families who find a way (including grandparent contributions) to afford a quality education for their children, seeing it as the best investment they can make in their children's future, whatever the cost and sacrifice.

Russian-American International School strives to keep its tuition at the lowest level. Since living standards and expenses in today’s economy are already overwhelmingly high, our philosophy is that education should not hinder any child from deserving an EXCELLENT education.

Russian American School is now San Francisco Pacific Academy